Wednesday, October 10, 2007


What can I say, I'm still looking for Mr.Right... I guess you could say that I'm a pretty quiet girl but like to laugh lots and have a good time..not really into the party mode..never really was.. I'm a bit goofy at times, occasionally end up embarrasing one of my friends (or myself for that matter) when I'm out and about...I have a good job, my career is important to me, a nice family, and all my teeth... not sure why is its so hard to find someone...OKAY, so I'm a little I'll start with what I'm not into so you can self screen... My best friend just had her first anal sex, she really enjoyed it she claims, I'm not really sure I would be into it though..

if you only have pictures of cars, trucks, trailers, motorbikes, three wheelers, four wheelers, lawn-mowers, trackers, snowmobiles and/or other types of motorized vehicles ..chances are..we won't be a dad might be interested (not that he's gay or anything)...but me..not so much... though I welcome pictures of pets and children...haha

*Oh and really only interested in those in the Ottawa Region so unless you're planning on moving to Ottawa you might want to save your time and energy*

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Attraction of Movies

It’s surprising in this day and age when people are glued to their televisions or busy playing computer games or interacting online that movies are still so popular. Yet they are and the opening of the movie season in America is always closely watched and prepared for.

The opening of the box office is the acid test for any new movie and within just a few days producers and directors can tell whether they’ve produced a real money maker that will shine like gold in their resumes or a complete and utter disaster that wasted a pile of money and is something they would sooner forget about.

Knowing what will really appeal to the public and what won’t is impossible to tell until those box offices across America open and start to sell the tickets.